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04. November 2019

A+ Student Reflection

Dear A+ Families and Friends, Below is a student reflection written by the amazing Karen R. about her experiences celebrating Halloween. Hope you enjoy!

“Happy Halloween at Sørlandet

This Thursday, the 31st of October, A+ World Academy celebrated the beloved holiday Halloween. After preparing for over a week, we were all very excited. Most excited of them all were probably our sweet teacher Bridget, who started the day scaring us all to death during wake ups. Dressed up as a scary Christmas spirit holding an even scarier doll, we woke up to her jumping in between our hammocks and the song “This is Halloween” on full speaker. We all had a good laugh, to say the least.

During breakfast, our cook Martin served, amongst other delicious food, colored eggs, which looked like dinosaur eggs. Afterwards, we had a muster up on main deck. This is where every morning we hoist up the Norwegian flag and share important information regarding the day. This was of course hard to take seriously, seeing all our other teachers were also dressed up. The third eye in Emily’s face, our Dean, was somewhat distracting. After the muster, we all went to our individual tasks for cleaning the ship. Personally, I was washing our toilets and showers, called heads. What a charming place. We like to call it cursed. However, it always ends up as one of the funniest parts of the day. Our watch leader Gaby brings the speaker, and we usually end up having a whole show, presenting both songs and dance moves.


Throughout the evening, we had both school and watch. During our watch, the group was given various tasks, such as, setting sails up in the mast and helping our bosun put on fenders on “Mette” and “Marit”. These are our small boats, hanging up on Aft deck. On this sunny day, sailing in the Mediterranean, we also got to experience a pack of small whales, sea turtle, and a big shark chasing fish. This was all very exciting!

Then to the Halloween party; we had a lot of fun! Students were putting a lot of effort into their costumes. We had, for example, a drag queen, several unicorns, hipsters, the joker, a diver, and much more. The winners of our costume competition were Polina, dressed as the IT clown, Lena, Oda, Cornelia, and Selma, dressed as “3 o’clock snacks”, and then me, dressed as one of our able seamen, Sebastian. As our judge, we had of course our good Captain Anders. Afterwards, we ate a lovely dinner, had ice cream as dessert, and last but not least, trick or treat. What a fun activity! All the students were allowed to knock on door to door, where the teachers and sailors were giving out candy. Our sweet tooth was definitely satisfied, as well as our expectations of the day.

I had the best time! Thank you so much A+!

-Karen R.”


Best Wishes,

Emily J. Waugh
Dean of School
A+ World Academy