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18. November 2019

A+ Update

A + World Academy is sailing with Sørlandet for fifth school year. They will cross the Atlantic and Equator several times before returning to Kristiansand - her home port - in May 2020. Below you can read an update from the Dean of School - Emily J. Waugh.

Dear A+ Families and Friends,
We have spent time exploring the sights and culture of Rome, and are now on our way to Tangier, Morocco. A personal highlight of mine from this last port was working at the soup kitchen in Rome. They were incredibly grateful to have our help, and have invited us to come back in future years. The students did a wonderful job serving food, cleaning, sorting trash, and whatever else the kitchen needed our help with. It was so special to see students working to converse with the different people who found themselves at the kitchen. I even had an older gentleman come up to me and say “tusen takk” while I was sorting trash, which he had learned from one of our Norwegian students. Seeing the sights of Rome was incredible, but getting the opportunity to spend real time with the people of Rome and give back, was even more so. 

The service learning projects that the students have participated in so far this year are now becoming directly relevant in their S3 class, as they have all started the unit on NGOs. Students are learning about different NGOs that target a wide array of problems that our world faces. They are discussing their effectiveness as organizations, relevancy, whether they offer long-term or short-term solutions, and what role the students have in solving the problems that face humanity. Having seen first-hand through participation in NGOs (Clean Shores, Amnesty International, Banco del Alimentos de Vigo, Giovanni Paolo II), they can offer unique perspectives in their class discussions.

This evening we are having a belated celebration of el día de los muertos, the Day of the Dead. Our Mexican students onboard have been helping in the galley to prepare a delicious meal for this evening, as well as the treat pan de muerto, the bread of the dead. Coco will be showed after dinner, and students will have the opportunity to learn about and make modified ofrendas, altars that welcome spirits back to the realm of the living. 

Sending you many warm wishes from Sørlandet,


Emily J. Waugh
Dean of School
A+ World Academy