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19. August 2019

Mette Gundersen ønsker Sørlandet og A+ World Academy vel av gårde på nytt skoleår

Mette Gundersen er gruppeleder for Ap i Kristiansand bystyre og varaordførerkandidat. Hun ønsket elevene god tur og et begivenhetsrikt år som de vil huske for resten av livet. A+ World Academy og Fullriggeren Sørlandet reiser ut på langtur med 59 internasjonale elever på vg2-nivå. I løpet av skoleåret skal de krysse Sør- og Nordatlanteren samt ekvator flere ganger mens de besøker 18 havner på veien.

Her kan du lese Mette Gundersen sin tale til de internasjonale elevene:

"It is my pleasure to greet you on behalf of the city of Kristiansand. 59 students from different countries and backgrounds are today sailing out on the great seas together. Together you will meet challenges, all sorts of weather conditions, different cultures, exciting places and a lot of adventures. You will learn things few other youngsters at your age know about and probably never will.

You have all sorts of reasons to be proud of yourselves. Your choice of school for the next year shows courage, guts, and character. Former students I have met, have told me that this school year will be with them for the rest of their lives. Both because of all the subjects you will learn, but also because you will learn to know yourself better.

You will soon also learn that you are an important part of a bigger group and that you all will have to trust each other to have this ship sailing. On your own you might be in trouble – but together with the rest of the students, your teachers, and the crew your journey will be fantastic.

Fullriggeren Sørlandet belongs to the people of Kristiansand. She is our pride and our Queen at seas. But she is also a nautical treasure. Be good to her! The ship was given to us over 40 years ago and now we trust you to look after her well and show her off from her finest side in every one of the 18 different ports you are about to visit.

I wish you all the best on your journey, your journey to more knowledge and your journey at sea.  Friendships you will develop here might last forever. The knowledge you will acquire, will make you a wiser and braver person.

And the rest of us will be here when you arrive back and we will send you our love when you are away.

Fullriggeren Sørlandet: I wish fair winds!


Mette Gundersen
Leader of the biggest political group in the City Council of Kristiansand"