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03. Desember 2019

Student Reflection of Tangier

Dear A+ Families and Friends, Here is a student reflection about our most recent port, Tangier. Karen R.put a lot of hard work into writing it, and she did a wonderful job.


Dear A+ Parents and Friends,

I have to be honest with you; writing these letters is not as straight forward and easy as I thought it would be. Whenever I start I try to sum up our experiences in port; however, there is truly so much exciting to tell. These last couple of days, staying alongside Tangier, we have had an amazing time! I guess you could sum it up with the song: “a whole new world”, from Disney’s famous movie “Aladdin”.

During our first night in Tangier, we were first off met with Prayers from the mosques. They were played throughout the whole city to signify preaching and call to prayer. I believe most us, who has not been here before, were pretty surprised. However, it gave a good first impression, to say the least.

As for the second day in port, our schedule was filled with many exciting field activities. Before we could begin with them, we met up on main deck. There we had our morning meeting, called Colors, and then finished up on our chores. “Chores” means to clean the ship, from top to bottom. I am  responsible for cleaning the drains, and I have to say, they were looking especially tempting that day. Afterwards, having intensely hand sanitized myself, we got dressed. This is not very special to write about. However, worth mentioning with culture and security in mind that there were certain rules. We were, for example, not allowed to wear anything that revealed our knees, elbows, shoulders and chest. Many of us also decided to add headscarves, out of respect and as a cultural experience. As soon as we were all looking presentable, - and not monkeys - we got to the buses and kick started the day.

With a guide on the bus, we learned a lot of interesting information about Tangier, and its amazing history. Our first stop were the Cap Spartel Lighthouse and plateau. From the plateau, we could see the ocean and beautiful, green cliffs. Then, on our next stop, we got some new friends. And not the regular ones. We got the funny ones, with long necks and wobbly humps on their back – camels.  Last stops on our guided tour, were the Medina walk in the markets and and a local restaurant with amazing food. They both added up to our excitement to say the least. Especially the restaurant. All students, including the teachers and crew, were served Moroccan soup and couscous. It tasted even better than our expectations, and to top it off, we were all of a sudden accompanied by a Moroccan belly dancer and snake charmer. We had a lot of fun during the field activities!

Then came the beloved shore leave day! First, we gathered in groups of six, and with at least one of them being a boy. This was, again, with security in mind. Then, we headed off and explored the city. I know many of us went to the local food markets, which was filled with tons of spices and colorful, homemade products. Also, I believe, there were many trying out different cafés and restaurants. Our group found this beautiful café at the top of Tangier. There, on the roof of the building, we had view of Gibraltar and the warm sun. A good day! 

We all ended it with stocking up on snacks for the sail. However, I do have a feeling most of us have already eaten them!

Until next time,

Karen R.

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